Ancestral medicine practitioner, shamanic practitioner and NLP coach

Litha Booi

Litha Booi is a traditional healer, Ancestral medicine practitioner, shamanic practitioner and NLP coach dedicated to help people to live a more holistic and balanced life. His hunger for knowledge and desire to serve has led him to travel to different countries where he learnt shamanism from institutions like the Foundation of shamanic studies as well as the African shamanic mysteries.

With a strong passion for personal development his journey has led him to many different organisations like the Art of living, Insight training center, the PATH to healing, ancestral medicine where he learnt various methodologies like yoga, meditation, psychophonetics and ancestral healing. Litha’s approach to his practice is firmly rooted in his African upbringing and informed by a global perspective.

Litha truly believes that life should be a beautiful journey because we all deserve to live a life that is filled with all of our greatest desires, once we learn to work with the powerful resources that are within us and always available to us we can then begin to live a life that is in purpose and on purpose.


My offerings and products include:

  • Spiritual coach
  • Ancestral lineage healing
  • House cleansing
  • Psychopomp work
  • Shamanic journey circles

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