Humanologist, Therapeutic Coach and Counsellor

Tracy Veritas

I am a Humanologist by practice. A rebel by nature. A mystic by destiny. A fool by the fates. A student & teacher by heart. A wounded healer by calling. An integrative spiritualist by the grace of all the Gods. A lover by design of the Most High.

I have a degree in Psychology & Sociology. I am involved in Holistic & Therapeutic Coaching, Counselling and Teaching for psychological congruence and transformation. In my holistic Humanology Practice I integrate psychological, somatic (physical) and metaphysical teachings & wisdom, to resource my clients & students to support & restore freedom, function and flow to their bodies, minds, hearts & lives.


The integrative methodologies & systems I work with include:

  • Well-Being – Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Metaphysics.
  • Intuitive Technologies – Human Design, Astrology, I Ching, Tarot.
  • Embodiment – Yoga, Meditation, Movement, BreathWork, Kahuna BodyWork.

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