Online Courses

Tap into different aspects of ancient wisdom as it relates to pertinent issues in your life, society and the environment. Learn from the wisdom of our elders as you immerse in ancient African indigenous tools and techniques that will help you gather the lost pieces and reclaim wholeness.

Through our courses you have access to powerful learning experiences to help you awaken to a fulfilled life, to find your mission and to achieve your full potential.

Ancient Wisdom Transforming Tomorrow

9:00am PDT | 12:00pm EDT | 5:00pm BST | 6:00pm CEST | 6:00pm SAST

4 sessions of 2.5 hours

with Gavin Andersson, Rutendo Ngara and Godelieve Spaas
and special guests Ela Manga and Keith Mparana.

Each session addresses one principle:

  • Ubuntu (Southern Africa)
  • Sankofa (West Africa)
  • Kemetic Tree of Life (Ancient Egypt)
  • Ancestors (throughout)

The next course will be held in February 2022.


This platform has been created to connect people with ancient wisdom, and the with transformational leaders, spiritual teachers and healers who carry this wisdom.