Sacred Movement

Most of us desire to control or impact our lives, circumstances and our environment, but cannot fully control the one gift we have been given complete custodianship over – our bodies. How can we impact our lives, our circumstances or the world in a meaningful way? How do we come into greater alignment with our bodies? How do we bring our bodies into greater alignment with Nature? How are our bodies a vehicle for tapping into ancestral wisdom?

Through our sacred movement retreat we engage in the ancient physical disciplines of Bushman Trance Dance, African Shamanic Dancing, Taiji / Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Kemetic Yoga, Dance Meditation, as well as Breathwork and Meditation to activate the Life Force. We allow these practices to bring us to a place of healing and into embodied experience of cosmology. Through this we come into right relationship with our bodies, we come into right relationship with our lives, we vibrate with the Cosmos and resonate with the Divine.

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This platform has been created to connect people with ancient wisdom, and the with transformational leaders, spiritual teachers and healers who carry this wisdom.