Musical and Culinary Healer/Facilitator

Kitu Mahibila

Keitumetse Mahibila (Kitu) is a creative who provides food for the soul.

Compelled to feed her musical hunger, she began performing at events before enrolling for the Born to be Famous course run by critically acclaimed Producer/Voice Coach/Singer/Songwriter, RJ Benjamin. She came top in her class, won her first microphone and 5-hour studio time and has never looked back!

Kitu is a trained chef and experienced cook who is as passionate about preparing food with love, as she is about creating lively, ambient culinary experiences. Through her company Moon Smooch she imparts culinary skills to children and adults alike, paying special attention to the importance of nutrition and sustenance in healing and empowerment.

She provides healing sessions for pregnant women, nursing mothers and child-headed homes, incorporating her musical and culinary skills with breathing and meditation techniques. She believes in the power of the Collective and collaborates with small businesses whose crafts, brands or products speak to the soul.


  • Entertainment – performer for birthdays, weddings, promotions, corporate events, government events, charities, fundraisers, etc.
  • Specialised catering – clean, soulful food themed for any occasion.
  • Culinary workshops and tuition to adults and children.
  • Celestial cooking – preparation and consulting on food that is aligned to lunar, planetary and celestial alignments.
  • Meditative cheffing – meditative breathing and food preparation and tuition for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and child-headed homes.
  • Meditative melody – recorded or live song healing journeys
  • Collaborations with musical and culinary artists.
  • Agent for products and services such as art work, children’s books, apparel, local fresh food and organic vegetables.

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