Sidereal Astrologer and Kemetic Science Practitioner

Reitumetse Rapulane

Reitumetse is an initiate of the Ancient Kemetic Spiritual Sciences through the Amen Ra Institute. as well as a Sidereal Astrology practitioner.

I am based in Mabopane, South Africa, with my family and continue to practice there.

With a fascination for the stars and our place in the Cosmos, I began my study of astrology unofficially at the age of 16. Later in my life I met professional astrologer, Mr. Richard Fidler, who became my teacher and mentor, guiding me into official astrology studies.

My choice for a Sidereal (Vedic) approach as opposed to a Tropical (Western) approach to the science of the stars was nurtured by the indigenous African cosmological view which puts emphasis on lunar influences. The Sidereal system is furthermore based on where the planets actually are in the sky, thus allowing one to access real-time celestial information that is grounded in Nature.

I offer both individual astrological interpretations, based on one’s birth data, as well as group guidance based on each lunar cycle.

My consultations with clients allow them to gain a greater understanding of their spiritual life purpose and how it is grounded in the everyday activities of Life.

I am certainly joyful of the opportunity to journey with everyone into the understanding of this art.


  • Sidereal Astrology chart construction for individuals.
  • Sidereal Astrology consultations and interpretations.
  • Sidereal Astrology and zodiac workshops.
  • Divination via Kemetic Metu Neter oracles and the I Ching
  • Integrated lunar and solar report chart analysis based on Sidereal astrology and Kemetic sciences.
  • Individual, couple and group readings and counselling.

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