Naturalist, Herbalist and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Practitioner

Zola Xashimba

Zola Xashimba known by the spiritual name of Gcinithongo is a Nyanga, Naturalist, Musician, Herbalist, IKS Practitioner and Holder of the Bantu Nation.

Educated under multiple indigenous healing and knowledge systems, he practices the ancient African arts of healing cultivated and passed down through the ages.

His practice infuses multiple disciplines, spiritual and cultural perspectives and safe indigenous practices in approaching healing, synthesizing them into a system which reflect a holistic body of knowledge.


  • Indigenous Health Practitioner.
  • Naturalist & Herbalists.
  • Umhlahlo – Comprehensive health consultations & diagnosis.
  • Gobongo – Plant medicine detoxification.
  • Isibuko/Isipili – Sacred medicine ceremonies.
  • Amasiko wa wakwantu – Rites of passage workshops.
  • Ukubithelela – House cleansings.
  • Umwakha mzimba – Nutrition workshops

We use two approaches to Detoxification:

  • A spiritual approach which focuses on awakening.
  • A physical approach which focuses on your physiology.

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