Ubuntu Medicine Dreamscapes

Journey to the center of your soul in one of Africa’s most ancient rebirthing sights, the Sudwala caves Mpumalanga.

Are you on a journey of self-discovery and are looking to  understand the ancestral realms and explore the powerful opportunities that exists within the dreamscapes?

Are you open to doing deep work that will assist you in dealing with inter generational trauma, depression, frustration and anxiety?

Join our African plant dreamscapes dieta so that you can learn to understand yourself through the powerful activation of your ancestral dreams. 

Our dieta facilitates an opportunity for you to stand in your power so you can navigate your life with greater clarity and purpose.

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Mpumalanga, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking scenery lies one of Africa’s most ancient gems, the Sudwala caves. You will have an opportunity to release and relax as we dive deep into the ancestral realms using African plant medicine and do deep cleansing through the most ancient practice of Isifutho or African sweat lodge, you will immediately sense that you are surrounded by ancient wisdom as you soak in the fresh air and stunning beauty that is all around you.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with the ancients and do ceremony in the womb of mother nature, an ancient re-birthing site so that you can renew, re awaken and stand in your power.

Do you wish you could simply release all the negative energy that does not serve you?

We will create a safe space for you so that you can reclaim your power and live a life that you were born to live.

Do you wish you could heal inter generational trauma so that you can live a more fulfilling life?

We will fill your cup with powerful African ceremonies that will help shift, heal and transform your ancestral lineages.

Ever wonder what it would be like to live life on your terms?

Our immersive African plant medicine dieta will help you create a vision for your life that supports who you were born to be.

There is a future so magnificent, that you would shed tears of joy and wonder if you had to see it for yourself.

So why should you join the dieta?

Join us as we delve deep into the ancestral realms using African plant medicine as we learn to listen and connect with our ancestors and find guidance and solutions from our dreamscapes especially in a time where we are all looking for deeper understanding and clarity.

Our journey together will help us explore each individuals relationship with their dreams and their ancestors as well as contribute towards the healing of personal and ancestral trauma through various ceremonies that will be held for the birthing of a new version of yourself!

Ubuntu Medicine Dreamscapes will help you

  • Realign with your authentic self.
  • Gain greater clarity and direction about your life’s purpose.
  • Connect to your ancestral wisdom
  • Experience African plant medicine ceremonies
  • Dreamweave together with your ancestors and create a new reality

The Venue

Built in the ancient traditional African styled huts, this retreat venue is nestled in the beautiful lands of the Mankele community situated a few minutes away from rivers, beautiful hiking trails and the Sudwalla caves. This mountainous getaway is the ideal place to retreat into oneself and be away from the noise of the hustle and bustle of the city life providing you with an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

This space is ideal for our retreat because of the close proximity of everything that we need, surrounded by nature it is the ideal place for working on healing oneself and bringing clarity and purpose into your life. You will have the opportunity to experience the fullness of the space as we go on an immersive unforgettable experiences with vision hikes, sweat lodges and ceremony in the ancient site of the Sudwala caves.

Meals made with LOVE

Our inhouse chef, will cook only the best vegetarian local cuisine that will sustain and provide the right nutrition to enhance your process. You will get to understand that the food we eat is not just about putting together a few recipes but about knowing which foods would be best suited for the opening of your inner worlds.

Locally sourced goods will put together our amazing vegetarian diet, you won’t just be fed your typical everyday vegetarian foods but will be given a well thought out menu that not only looks good but will leave the taste buds craving for more. Our chefs ability to understand diet and nutrition is what will make this dieta an unforgettable culinary experience.

So what does the experience look like?

Thursday : Intro day

Drive down to Mpumalanga

Opening sacred space

Intro and discussion around African medicine kit


Pehla and pahla

Friday : Cleansing day

Pehla, Palaza and Pahla

Early morning Yoga


Conversation: Indigenous medicine and the role of healing


Group meditation

Dream circle



Pehla and Pahla

Saturday : Ceremony day

Pehla and Pahla

Early morning Yoga


Shamanic journey

River tubing


Free time

Group meditation


Sunday : Closing circle

Pehla and Pahla

Early morning Yoga


Dream circle

closing circle

Meet your hosts

Litha Booi

Litha Booi is a Sangoma, Ancestral medicine practitioner, shamanic practitioner and NLP coach dedicated to help people to live a more holistic and balanced life. His hunger for knowledge and desire to serve has led him to travel to different countries where he learnt shamanism from institutions like the Foundation of shamanic studies as well as the African shamanic mysteries.

With a strong passion for personal development his journey has led him to many different organisations like the Art of Living, Insight Training Centre, The Path to Healing, Ancestral Medicine as well as an initiation into the ancient BANTU healing traditions where he learnt various methodologies like yoga, meditation, psychophonetics, ancestral healing, psychopomp, divination, soul retrieval and energy extraction. Litha’s approach to his practice is firmly rooted in his African upbringing and informed by a global perspective.

Litha truly believes that life should be a beautiful journey because we all deserve to live a life that is filled with all of our greatest desires, once we learn to work with the powerful resources that are within us and always available to us we can then begin to live a life that is in purpose and on purpose.

Zola Xashimba

Zola Xashimba known by the spiritual name of Gcinithongo. Is a Nyanga and Shaman of the Ndiki, Ndau and Camagu healing traditions of South Africa. His journey began after a deep encounter with spirit through the agency of the sacred medicine we know as ayahuasca, which helped him uncover the deep seated memory of his calling and purpose as a healer.

From 2011 to 2015 he trained under different healers from different traditions as it was his journey and purpose to be a unifying principle between the hearts and traditions of the people of the world, so as to facilitate the birthing of universal rites of passage and ceremonies for the healing of the human race.

He trained as an energy practitioner, breath worker, faith healer, plant medicine shaman and as well as an initiated Traditional Healer. His training took place in the Eastern Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal under the direction of his Spiritual Parents and Grandparents who are living wisdom keepers and shamans of the Ndiki, Ndau and Camagu Healing traditions. He facilitates and co facilitates healing ceremonies and initiations and workshops wherever he is called by the ancestors.


I had done a lot of reading  and research about plant medicine initially attended a ceremony in search of healing.  After the experience I observed myself making changes that I had struggled with before. One of the key lessons I’ve learned is that of surrender,

The plant medicine has taught me that it is okay to have my intentions and other ideas going into the ceremony, surrendering to the medicine has come with lessons that I am ready to receive truly grateful for the learnings.

Racheal Malatsi

What drew me to doing plant medicine is the longing of understanding my purpose. My experience has been of amazing connection with unconditional love feeling, knowing that I am not alone. The changes I have experienced are less anger and anxiety and ability to approach situation in my life with more emotional  maturity. Key lessons I received in being in a plant medicine is surrender, trust, and follow through from the instructions that you have been given and full them.

Tebogo Buntu

I started my journey because I wanted to communicate with my ancestors and draw knowledge, wisdom, strength and power from them. My experience with plant medicine is that it is not for leisure but it is for us to receive messages that will guide us into working for our nations more. Some of the things I have learnt is that I know myself more I have gone on a path to remembrance. I now know that my ancestors are alive and are guiding all my steps. More fire to them.

Mangala Strider

The first reason for me to do the Plant Medicine Ceremony was to know my spirit guide, the second one was to find out about my purpose and journey that I need to fulfil and lastly to find out about the struggles and pain I have been experiencing in my life, and I must say I went there with just one intentional question and I  received more than I was expecting.

After the ceremony I am now very vigilant of the Energy/ spirit that is always guiding me, and I have created a very strong connection/ bond since the ceremony because of the signs and guidance I always see. I’m more in tuned to my intuition and the Energy around and I see my ankcestors in all nature and dreams better than prior to the ceremony.

Thabang Mohale

What’s included

  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • African medicine kit
  • Ceremony at Sudwala caves
  • River tubing
  • Integration session
  • Isifutho African Sweat lodge
  • Ceremony preparation call
  • Diet and nutrition plan for the dieta
  • Shamanic journey session

What is not included

Your round trip transportation from home
Private consultations with Mkhulu Zola and Mkhulu Litha
Souvenir shopping and personal items


This platform has been created to connect people with ancient wisdom, and the with transformational leaders, spiritual teachers and healers who carry this wisdom.